About Zmilelee

The word Zmilelee [pronounced as ‘Zmy-Lily’] is of Armenian origin meaning: Amazing. Zmilelee is a Lebanese high-end private labeled clothing brand that manages its workshop from Beirut, Lebanon. Known for its luxurious designs and quality, the brand aims to incorporate its signature style of trendy timelessness and femininity in all of its garments. We are committed to provide excellence throughout our designs, creation, customer service and shopping experience.

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Zmilelee Website Features

  • Quick View

    A tool that allows customers to preview products without leaving the current page they are browsing. This feature enhances the customer’s shopping experience, increases engagement, and drives conversions.

  • Size Guide

    Adding specific size information is very useful to customers who are unsure about the size that they need to purchase. Providing accurate measurements will help the users find the perfect fit and reduce returns or exchanges.

  • Enhanced Search

    Implementing an enhanced search functionality improved the accuracy and relevancy of a search thus providing a user-friendly experience, enabling users to quickly find the information they need and improving overall user engagement and satisfaction.

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