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Zmilelee's brand name was not randomly chosen, because as few may know, its armenian origin implicates "amazing", which became later the identity of the luxurious and timeless designs created by the line's designers. Zmilelee's evolution and adaptation to using high-tech machine is always fused with the traditional hand sewing, which has always been the brand's specialty.

Lumina had the chance to develop an e-commerce fashion website for Zmilelee, the private labeled luxury women clothing brand. Zmilelee was in search for an optimized online store making it easy for clientele around the world to browse through their luxurious collection. Lumina, as a fashion website design company, provided them with a well-structured plan according to their requirements of their products and target audience. Our team of experts delivered optimized services that best suit their requirements. For Zmilelee’s website, Lumina offered fashion website development services, including advanced website orientation, user-interface as well as worked on design optimization, integration of the payment gateway and alignment of the products.

The fashion website designing services also included colors swatches, quick pop up of desired picture, currency change to check prices as per the client's location, pre order option for specific high end couture, mega menu drop down and many other features to offer the audience an easy experience.

As our client requested additional marketing services, our team provided them with services such as SEO, Facebook & Instagram advertising, Google adwords and content for their website and product descriptions.

Benefits of e-commerce website for the fashion industry:
Having an e-commerce website and fashion website designing services to portray your collection online gives you the advantage to be recognized and reach your target audience in many countries and markets. As a fashion brand, having an online presence gives you leverage to attract clientele worldwide and engage with them in order to build a trustworthy relationship.

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