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Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Course
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Learn how to improve Facebook/Instagram advertising to increase your brand awareness and sales. This course will also save you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on wrong advertisements. Lumina’s compact digital marketing course includes technical and theoretical marketing content to push your advertising skills.

When you register you get access to the entire course that teaches you about Website Traffic, Digital Persona, Customer Journey, Increasing Sales, Website Conversions, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Marketing content, Understanding Engagement, Facebook Ad Types, Stages of advertisements, Sales Funnel Strategies, Data Analysis, Sales Content, tools and resources from the web.

Lumina’s Digital Marketing Course Will:

  • Teach you how to understand your target audience for better advertising
  • Design digital personas and create content specifically to them with online tools
  • Learn the important of customer journey experience and process
  • Teach you about sales funnel and strategies
  • Learn about Facebook pixel and retargeting methods


Benefits of this course:
  • Learn from our experience of making revenue to our clients
  • Various tools to make amazing advertisements that attract prospects
  • Will save you from wasting a lot of advertisement budget
  • Understand various stages of Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Learn factors that increase credibility for conversions


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Our Clients


A professional and hardworking team! Thank you to the Lumina team for transforming our vision into a reality.


Lumina has been amazing to work with. Their incredible team totally grasped our vision and transformed our ideas for the Zmilelee Ecommerce website into reality! The detailed design and creative functionalities made everything easy for us to comprehend and follow the process every step of the way. They also gave us exceptional insights of our target audiences. We have full confidence in all of their advice about the customer journey experience, usability and design of our website. Highly recommend!


The Lumina team has been incredible to work with. We hired Lumina to build our e-commerce online store which turned out to be a huge success. Due to Lumina’s utmost efforts in digital marketing and consulting, our sales at Gemy Maalouf have increased tremendously. Garen and his team did a great job, I would definitely recommend for all companies looking to enhance their brand awareness and build up their sales.

Gemy Maalouf

Working with Lumina has been a pleasure. We hired Lumina to create a modern website for our tiling company. They are responsive and went the extra step to make sure that we were happy with the results. We are very happy with the results and would recommend them to other companies.

Dani N.

Highly recommend Lumina for their amazing service. They finished the website within time frame agreed on, there was no on add on costs along the way and most importantly they delivered exactly what we asked for. We can’t thank you enough!


IVet was so pleased working with Lumina due to the professionalism and perfection in their work.Our website branding was a huge success and it was all because of Lumina. We highly recommend it to all the companies because it will highlight the best in you and will help you and guide you how to show it to the world! Thank you Lumina for this experience, you're one of the


"I want to thank the Lumina team for their professionalism and interaction. Lumina has successfully built an online website for Juliette Rose and our online presence as well as leads in events and weddings have increased ever since they started managing our digital marketing campaigns. I highly recommend Lumina and the services they have to offer!"

Karoun A.


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