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Wine Plus

LUMINA Digital Marketing Agency was selected to manage the paid advertising campaigns of a wine company in the United States. The client needed help increasing its monthly purchases while decreasing its current cost per acquisition (CPA).

Within the first year of the partnership, we saw a 90% increase in sales and a 65% decrease in CPA. Our digital marketing team helped the client expand its market into new locations, generating more monthly purchases.

Moreover, our web development team redesigned and developed a more responsive website. Our tactic during the design phase was to craft an experience that would engage the individual user, yet be completely functional to fill the requirements of a multi-user base.

 The Challenge:
Q2 was challenging for us due to seasonality and increased competition. Our marketing team was very strategic and agile to face the challenges and ensure these changes didn’t contribute to an increase in CPA. Since it was hard to increase sales with retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram we created Google ad campaigns and tested different keywords, segments, and locations to increase conversion rates while lowering the cost of purchase.