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Nutricook is on a mission to elevate kitchens everywhere. With a focus on user experience, elegant design and innovative technology, Nutricook designs and manufactures products that make cooking easy for everyone.

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Nutricook Website Features

  • FAQ Page

    An important feature of an ecommerce website that can help answer common questions that customers may have about the products or services being offered.

  • Arabic Translation

    Arabic translation is a great way to make your website accessible to Arabic-speaking customers and potentially increase sales. This could include adding a language switcher that allows users to switch between English and Arabic, or automatically detecting the user's location and displaying the website in the appropriate language.

  • Right to Left Website

    A right-to-left (RTL) feature on an Arabic ecommerce website is crucial for creating a user-friendly experience for Arabic-speaking customers. Templates that support RTL layouts will ensure that all elements of the website, including text, images, and menus, are properly aligned and displayed.

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