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Hydra Consultants was founded in 2014 to operate as the exclusive sales and marketing consultant for Blanco (German sinks, mixer taps and accessories) in the Levant and North Africa.
With knowledge and connections in the industry since 2006, Hydra acquired Airforce Spa (Italian hoods and induction hobs) in several countries by 2016 and expanded its market coverage with Blanco in recent years to include now Saudi Arabia, Iraq and most African countries.

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    Provide customers with additional information and resources related to the products they are interested in purchasing. This feature creates credibility and transparency.

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    Adding a distributors page to your ecommerce website can help potential customers find retailers or distributors who carry your products. Allowing the customers to search for distributors in their area enhances the user experience.

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    Implementing an enhanced search functionality improved the accuracy and relevancy of a search thus providing a user-friendly experience, enabling users to quickly find the information they need and improving overall user engagement and satisfaction.

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