#1 Ecommerce Website Development Company

Lumina is a top rated digital marketing company that offers ecommerce website development solutions. Our team creates ecommerce and informative websites based on your company’s branding and its services/products it offers. Some of our other services include digital marketing, copywriting and digital audit.

How We Are different from other Ecommerce Website Development Companies?

Our team is dedicated and motivated to boost your ecommerce business and maintain its online presence. We offer custom ecommerce development services based on our client’s requirements. Our professional and skilled team of developers works tirelessly to exceed our clients’ expectations. Lumina starts off by a one on one consultation with the client for background knowledge about the brand as well as what the client expects to achieve by the end of the project. After speaking with our client, we perform a well-developed plan, which includes research of the client’s domain, business model and its competitors in the field.

Our team then creates an organized plan that includes the orientation of your ecommerce website, website design optimization, speed of the website, user-interface, color scheme, alignment of the products, proper integration of the payment gateway, cost of development as per the client’s budget and any other factor that helps in making the user experience a smooth one. 

We Have Created Ecommerce Websites for: 

Lumina is the leading ecommerce website development company and actively develops websites and offers digital marketing services to over twenty different establishments in fashion, medical, furniture, food and beverage, marketplace, home décor, wedding and event planning, optometry and eyewear, tiling, construction and art domains based in the United States, Australia, Armenia, Lebanon and Angola. Lumina creates campaigns that are advertised in certain areas of the world to target different segments of audiences online according to the brand’s goals.

In just less than two years, Lumina, an ecommerce website development company, has acquired over forty-five different projects in over twelve diverse domains. As we specialize in ecommerce website development and have diversified globally in a short period of time, we do believe that it is of upmost importance to build an ecommerce website in order to lure in new customers.

Developing a custom ecommerce website is not a one time thing which is why our team continuously communicates with our client to update the website and maintain the company’s presence on social media platforms online.

Lumina offers our clients ecommerce website development solutions to have an online presence and sell your products and services globally. Lumina aims to drive results and achieve the client’s goals through digital marketing and ecommerce website development.

Contact our team now and book your consultation learn more about Lumina’s services and how it can customize your own ecommerce website, strengthen your online presence through tailored campaigns and appeal to your target audience online.