Top 5 CMS for eCommerce Website Development in 2021

Top 5 CMS for eCommerce Website Development in 2021

Online presence has become inevitable due to the global pandemic and fierce competition for business survival and growth. Expanding your market presence and sales depends on the content management systems CMS that you decide to implement. Starting off the right way is key towards a successful business reach and path.

As a business owner, you get to choose among several eCommerce CMS, and making the right choice can seem out of reach at first without knowing what each of the available platforms is best used for and how appealing it can be based on the nature of your business. Connecting and addressing your audience has to be done through a well-developed website where interesting and informative content should be constantly updated.

Some available eCommerce CMS platforms are more popular than the others, keep scrolling to know which are the best and why they are the best for your online business.

What is Content Management System ( CMS )?

Content management system is responsible for creating, managing, editing, publishing and placing the digital content, thus helping business owners to excel in tracking and organizing their eCommerce stores. Digital content consists of marketing content, documents, pictures, videos, blogs...etc.

Content management system allows store owners to be in charge of the look and feel of their website, it gives them the opportunity to add, edit or remove any content enabling them to change the layout of any page as they think is better for their brand. Some of these Platforms are easily managed from backend making the life of their non-developer owners a lot easier.

So the size of your business really doesn't matter, because CMS is the ultimate solution due to its flexibility to any business size. It allows you to easily upload, edit and publish your optimized content with no complexity from anywhere. Yes you read that right, anywhere!

CMS platforms offer several features that are useful to upgrading your online store, some of which are:

  1. Themes and designs customization
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Plug-ins installation and upgrades
  4. Collaboration platform
  5. Reports accessibility for sales rate/user reach

Top 5 CMS for eCommerce Websites

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • BigCommerce


Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platforms due to its simple and easy setup features. It presents several benefits from free add-ons to themes and templates, and it also provides professional solutions to meet the requirements of all businesses. Shopify offers different plans to fulfill your expectations and brand vision.

Shopify Website Development


Shopify offers 3 different prices for almost all eCommerce websites needs. The range per month starts with $29 for Basic/new business, $79 for your growing business and $299 for advanced and superior features.


Shopify features many elements that are responsible for placing it among the best eCommerce platforms of our day.

  • Customize your store with built-in templates
  • Use CSV files to import or export your data
  • Offers gift cards and social media integration
  • Be in charge and manage your store/content from anywhere while accessing the HTML and CSS of the website
  • Export your filtered customers list
  • Have your own domain name
  • Track your stock at all times
  • Get shipping deals from several shipping companies like UPS and FedEx or to choose to offer free delivery


WooCommerce is famous for its simple and easy customization with more than 1000 themes and extensions. It has been growing remarkably in the past few years due to its various features supporting in turning WordPress into an eCommerce store.

WooCommerce Website Development


WooCommerce is a free plugin and any add-ons range between free to $200.


WooCommerce includes many interesting features that make it one of the most demanded and used platforms.

  • Simple and easy set up of the store.
  • Allows the auto-detection of the user's location to automatically calculate shipping and taxes.
  • Add to that the display of similar products for potential customers and manage the categories of the products
  • Offers mobile app
  • Payment flexibility and security with the acceptance of most credit cards
  • Free and paid plug-ins for all the needs that may arise
  • And of course marketing integration


Magento is one of the top CMS platforms for building online stores as it provides a variety of themes and plug-ins that suit any type of business. If you own a medium or large business with a not so low budget to spend on your online store, this is the right platform for you.

Magento Website Development


Setting up an eCommerce store on Magento can cost somewhere between $10 to $2000, but add-ons and themes might cost a bit more in order to customize the online store.


Magento offers several benefits and features that are definitely worth paying an extra small amount.

  • It helps you keep an eye on your sales and orders while listing your best selling items
  • Allows you to up-sell and cross-sell any of the products by setting an automated rule
  • The display of products is based on customers categories which are done based on their location, order history, gender...etc
  • Check out steps frustration can be skipped due to saved payment credentials which eliminate the hustle of filling up all the information all over again


Squarespace offers the ability to build an eCommerce store for non-developers and for any person who wishes to sell their products or services online. The variety of themes and add-ons makes life even easier while setting up the store.

Squarespace Website Development


Squarespace pricing range between 12$ per month for personal, $18 for business, $26 for basic commerce and $40 for advanced.


This CMS platform provides many features which are considered really interesting compared to the pricing and easy set-up.

  • It builds a mailing list by accumulating the emails of your customers
  • Allows the store owner to display an unlimited number of products
  • Gives the option of offering gift cards or coupon codes


BigCommerce is a user-friendly platform that allows business owners to easily and simply develop an eCommerce store. Whatever the size of your business, BigCommerce is your go to CMS software thanks to its built-in and customizable features.

BigCommerce Website Development


BigCommerce offers a variety of plans for standard, plus and Pro ranging between $29 and $299 per month.


This platform is famous for its interesting components which provide the store owner with an interesting journey.

  • Integration of WordPress
  • Recommendations of products for potential customers
  • Mobile-optimization
  • Tax automated calculation
  • Multiple currencies for a wider audience
  • Single control panel for managing products

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Final Words

Choosing the most convenient CMS software to develop your online store is not an easy task, but hiring the right company can save you time and money. Contact Lumina today for a free online consultation.