Everything you need to know about Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

Everything you need to know about Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

Know more about Performance max and its benefits. 

Google has recently announced the latest form of ad campaigns, Performance Max, which employs artificial intelligence. 

Campaign leaders start by setting their ads and putting them into action on Google smart bid. Google will then verify the ads which will later be out across all major platforms. 

Narrowing down your goals and setting your objectives will help you plan a strategy that targets your desired audience and guide them through the journey of helping you achieve the main purpose of your campaign.  

The benefits of Performance Max Campaigns are enhanced and faster results due to accelerated campaign launching, and more reports to know the outcome of each campaign. 

More on Performance Max and its categories 

The main target of Performance Max Campaigns is reaching the marketing goals, which becomes tangible through automation, targeting, and bidding.  By opting for a specific audience, each campaign will be guiding Google toward the correct users. 
So, the ads will be shown to the targeted audience, and the benefits can be reached faster with audience cues. Google will reach out directly to potential customers and look for users with the same behavior to also get to them. 
Now Google algorithm has access to all the data in which you can set a maximum CPA and conversions. This is how the bidding system gives you more benefits from CPA and ROAS. 

Steps to creating a successful Performance Max campaign  

Performance Max campaigns give you the privilege to spread the word about your business all over Google with a simple process with better results. 

The way to create a successful Performance Max campaign is listed below to better guide in the process: 

1- Select your goals to build the campaign 

 From your Google Ads account, under campaigns, you can select add new campaign so that you can choose the target of your campaign and its type. In this case, make sure to select Maximum Performance.  

2- Know your budget/Bidding amount 

Under budget and bidding, like any other campaign, select your everyday budget. You can also decide on the type of conversions and their value. This will allow the campaign to achieve the chosen CPA or ROAS. It is advised that the daily budget is set to a minimum of three times the CPA. The budget selected will decide what the monthly amount for your campaign is. 

3-Make sure to select your country and language 

Under settings, choose the country where you wish to target your preferred audience. 
Same for the language. In both settings, you can select many options so that the ads serve you better. For enhanced benefits, you can also select ads scheduling, URLs...  

4-Resource Group creation 

In each resource group, make sure to have at least 20 images, 5 logos, and videos, titles, descriptions, and URL options. The details mentioned will help create the resource group when you generate the peak performance campaign. 

5-Ad extensions are a necessity 

It is highly beneficial to add ads extensions to offer more business data for interested users. The suggested ads extensions are proposed due to the previously chosen targets at the start of the project. 

6-Finally reviewing and publishing 

Even though you might be in a hurry to publish your campaign and start earning and finding out what the results are, we highly recommend that you take a final review of all the selections that you have made. After checking that all the details are as you wish, click that publish campaign button and rest assured that the benefits are starting to build.  

Final Words 

Creating a campaign can sometimes be misleading, and we do understand that spending time and money in the wrong direction is frustrating especially in such fast times when changes are requested on daily basis and updates are always requested from business owners. 

This is why we have created this quick guide, to keep you updated and inform you about the newest trends and how to achieve your goals with better results.