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Juliette Rose

Juliette Rose founded in 2014, is a full-service planning and event supplier company with a home base in Lebanon. The company had a bright vision and creative ideas but needed assistance to implement and reach its goals.

That’s when LUMINA digital marketing agency was there to accompany Juliette Rose at every successful step. Based on the client’s needs we tailored a responsive website. The client also wanted to tell the story of the brand and build a community on social media platforms for its clients, our social media experts helped the company create 5 posts per week on Instagram and Facebook following a planned and diverse content calendar.

LUMINA developed and managed social media advertising campaigns along with this regular posting.

Our digital marketing specialists created brand awareness campaigns, traffic campaigns, follower growth campaigns, and conversion campaigns.

As a result of our partnership with the company, month after month Juliette Rose started to bloom, the number of followers increased, the engagement rate improved, and the conversion rate got better.


Top Website Designs