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Gemy Maalouf

Being the first to launch the "Couture a Porter" in Lebanon from her atelier in Beirut established in 1996, Gemy Maalouf soon became an icon for the one of a kind designs destined to be worn by every unique woman.

The team of experts at Lumina behind the fashion website development provided to one of our top clients Gemy Maalouf, was dedicated to offer flawless results that were reflected in the increasing number of sales as stated in our client's review and testimonial.

Lumina provides top tiered social media marketing and advertising services for fashion brands. Our specialists develop fashion Ecommerce websites based on the requested brand image and standards.

Lumina, among many services, is a fashion website design company, that supplies not only a well developed Ecommerce website, but also a well structured design that is customized as per the client's needs. That include size guide functionality for an easy and user friendly experience, custom design section for celebrities in Gemy Maalouf, mega menu drop down, store locator to easily search for stores near the customer's location and many other menu options to facilitate any required search.

Our services meet the client's desires and are cautiously studied and planned to result with the highest numbers, while considering the budget set at the start of the collaboration.

Gemy Maalouf was a challenge that our team never hesitated to accept which ended up with success like usual due to the previous experiences and dedication that is placing Lumina as top rated fashion website design company in the area.
As fashion website development might seem similar to any other Ecommerce store,

our team has managed to discover the key to planning the ultimate strategy that always lead to creating a well developed website, essentially outlined to persuade fashion lovers into reaching out to their favorite brands and responding in awe for all the details and easy experience that they will encounter. That being said, Lumina plans the dream online store taking into consideration the client's budget, while exceeding their expectations and supporting with reaching their targeted audience and attaining outstanding selling numbers.

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Gemy Maalouf Testimonial

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