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FJA Jewelry

FJA jewelry is an Armenian based store, that is famous for its exceptional designs and timeless creations. Although jewels are known to be highly priced, FJA jewelry has a range of cost for its work for all budgets to satisfy all tastes and customers.

FJA has trusted Lumina for its jewelry website development and online store improvement and our team has taken the lead in creating and developing a website that is a competitor in any market and can be reached from anywhere around the world and not only from the country of the jewelry's brand origin, Armenia.

The best jewelry website design is a blend of features that, combined together, make a store frequently visited and result in satisfying results in numbers of sales. Some of the elements that Lumina chose to insert in the jewelry website development requested by FJA are: language change availability making it easier for website visitors to enjoy reading the products' detailed information in a language that they are more familiar with, categories menu for a filtered view of products as per the customer's needs, bridal collection for a special lady on her special day to make her life easier, a discounted category for outstanding products at a lower price, add picture option to make an order for a more accurate shopping and store locator. Long story short, all features have been taken into consideration to give the website visitor an exceptional experience.

Lumina has provided FJA jewelry with the best jewelry website design to create a store that can be reached from any country to enjoy unique, perfectly priced and timeless pieces of jewelry shopping.

For a customized website enabling your brand to go viral and be reachable within a click, contact the team of experts at Lumina and enjoy the experience of being in good and trusted hands.