How Much Does it Cost to Build an Ecommerce Website?

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Ecommerce Website?

Are you planning to start an online eCommerce store and looking for Ecommerce website development solutions? Before building your website, you must set your budget and calculate the cost of creating an ecommerce website.

The challenge is to be acquainted with which factors to implement on your website from the multiple features and factors that any eCommerce website must possess. These factors are provided by the website development service provider or the Ecommerce website development company and your budget depends on these factors.

So, if you don’t plan out the requirements and features you need on your website, you might end up paying more than the determined budget. The cost for developing an Ecommerce website can vary from low to a very high budget regardless the intended results. Confused with what to do?

Well, we have got you covered, as we will help you out in estimating the cost of an eCommerce website design Shopify.

How to Calculate The Price of an Ecommerce Website Development & Design?
Here is the complete list of factors with which you can easily calculate the estimated price of your eCommerce store.

1. Website Hosting

One of the major costs you need to pay per year to keep your website live is the cost of web hosting. Many development companies include web hosting in their custom web development services package. Ecommerce websites generally consume more space which require effective server performance. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing a website hosting for your eCommerce business. Make sure to choose a flexible team with a list of custom Ecommerce development services.

2. Choose Right Platform

Ecommerce website development solutions are a continuous process but it should be launched correctly. Choosing the right platform is significant as there are many factors including payment processing, addons, SEO friendliness, themes, etc. that can affect your website’s design, SEO rankings, and user experience of your website. Make sure your website development service provider or the Ecommerce website development company develops your website within the below eCommerce friendly platforms.

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • WooCommerce

3. Development and Design Cost
Web design and development costs are one of the significant factors that can completely transform your budget. A professional, appealing, and user-friendly design is a must have element that an eCommerce website should acquire. A website with poor design can drive away prospects. On the other hand, there must be significant features developed including cart abandonment, SEO optimization and mobile optimization. So keep in mind that developing an Ecommerce website is key to reaching the target of your online presence.

4. Addons and Extensions

You should take the cost of add-ons and extension into consideration prior to the web design and development of the website. It is an impossible task to build all the features into a single website. There will always be a feature to add later as an extension in your eCommerce store. One of the benefits of using services as addons is that your core website remains light and functional and you can remove your addon anytime or use it on specific pages. For example – eCommerce website design Shopify allows you to add addons for payments, popups, etc. A reputable Ecommerce website development company allows that feature and advises its clients for its remarkable benefits.

Final Words

The web development cost of an eCommerce Store depends completely on your requirements. If you are going to put about 100 products, then you can choose a small web-hosting plan, decent design and basic development features with a custom Ecommerce development services. On the other hand, if you are looking to set up an enterprise-level eCommerce store, then you must obtain information concerning custom web development services from the web development company.

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