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What is a User Friendly Website?

The Suitable Tools: How to Build User Friendly and Responsive Websites

A user friendly website is presenting information in a concise and sharp manner making it easy for the customer to recognize the services you have to offer. Usability is important to achieve success in terms of reeling in new customers and increasing sales and traffic on your website. Once your customer is aware of what you have to offer, they can further browse your website and communicate if interested. If your website is not user friendly, you may instantly lose a client due to your website’s vague propositions.

How to identify whether your website is user friendly or not

There are several strategies marketers use to enhance their website’s usability. The following key points are some tactics to use in boosting usability for informative and e-commerce websites:

Generate easy accessibility to your website by optimizing for both desktop and mobile screens.

Clarity is key. The information you reveal through your website must be clear and straight to the point. You want to steer your client into taking positive measures towards the services you offer. If the information you present is unclear, you will drive the client away from the goals they want to pursue, therefore; drive them away from your website. Do not confuse your customers!

Credibility and relevance are crucial for website usability within any domain. Your information can be relevant and just what the customer is seeking for but if you are not credible then you have already broken the trust that you were inclined to build. Here are some ways to show how your work’s credibility and relevance intertwine:

  • Offering an “About Us” page that promotes your services and brand values
  • Presenting a portfolio of previous projects you have worked on for your customers
  • Add testimonials given by your clients to indicate that you are an expert at what you do
How can Lumina enhance your website’s responsiveness?

According to different online sources, the average CTR varies between 1.91-2% at most. As an overview, if you receive 200 clicks and 1,000 impressions then your CTR= 2%

Lumina’s CTR:

Lumina has assisted numerous brands in various competitive industries across Armenia, Lebanon and Australia to develop user friendly: informational, business and e-commerce websites. We retain current customers whereas; attract and influence new customers to utilize Lumina’s digital marketing services. We are certified Shopify partners looking to make your online experience as smooth and laidback as possible. Our team at Lumina makes sure to take all your brand’s desires and requirements into consideration when creating websites to make sure it is as responsive as can be. We measure the information present on your website by testing its credibility, relevance, clarity and accessibility in order to perfect website responsiveness!

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