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Website Conversion Rate

In order to have a successful online marketing strategy, one of the most important factors to focus on is website conversion. The higher your website conversion rate, the more people are engaged on your website indicating the following: people are interested in the product you have to offer! What is a website conversion rate?

Any form of conversion is defined as a change in activity from one specific form to another. A website conversion is when website visitors take an action specified by you. In other terms, are you asking your visitors to follow you on social media, subscribe to your newsletter, read your blogs, or purchase your product?

Any specified and anticipated action taken on your website is considered as website conversion.

What does Lumina have to offer to improve your website conversion rate?

  • Lumina offers our clients a bold and compelling home page which captures visitors’ attention in the first few seconds.
  • Lumina creates your website with easy navigation making it a smooth experience for customers to browse your products.
  • At Lumina, our objective is to focus on creating ads that are relevant to your product as well as your target market. Our ads are created from scratch and customized according to the specified factors (product, budget, target audience) provided to us by your team.
  • Lumina enhances a customer’s journey on your website with thorough attention to detail by customizing the following:
  • Online form for further inquiries
  • Email subscription
  • Adding testimonials to present credibility
  • Create a section for current clients’ works to reel in new customers
  • Present the work process for validation
  • Mobile friendly website design

The listed factors above have improved Lumina’s clients’ website conversion rates in Sydney, Beirut and Yerevan. Our clients are committed to using Lumina’s monthly marketing services as our rate to provide satisfaction to our clients is 100%. Lumina’s goal is to create a long-term successful marketing process for our clients to retain our services.

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