About Avava

Tiling, Waterproof & Silicone Service website and digital marketing strategies for leads inquiries created tailored by Lumina. Find out more about Lumina’s work for Avava Tiling on www.luminacommerce.com & contact us for any further inquiries.

Avava Website Features

  • Blogs

    A great way to share information about your products, industry news, and other topics related to your business. Blogs can help to build the brand, engage target audience, and drive traffic to the website.

  • FAQ Page

    An important feature of an ecommerce website that can help answer common questions that customers may have about the products or services being offered.

  • Countdown Timer

    Create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase. Countdown is used in limited-time offers, limited-quantity products, flash sales, pre-order deadlines or event countdown

Ecommerce Website Package

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