About Simtec

SIMTEC is a family business, based on the expertise of two generations in the Steel and Stainless Steel manufacturing products.

For the last 15 years since its creation, it gained a valuable reputation from the clients.

SIMTEC is able to provide end products that meet high equipment, and within very tight time schedules.

SIMTEC is proud to exercise a total quality management system that follows every step of the production process, from the initial consulting through the design process, to manufacturing and installation.

With over years of experience in all areas of Steel and Stainless Steel works, SIMTEC works with highly prominent contractors, consultants, architects and interior designers

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Simtec Website Features

  • Store Locator

    A feature to search for physical store locations that sell the company's products. By using a store locator feature on an ecommerce website, businesses can improve customer experience, increase foot traffic to physical store locations, and drive sales.

  • Enhanced Search

    Implementing an enhanced search functionality improved the accuracy and relevancy of a search thus providing a user-friendly experience, enabling users to quickly find the information they need and improving overall user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Cross Selling

    Encourage customers to purchase related or complementary products in addition to the product they are currently buying. In an ecommerce website, cross-selling can be an effective way to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

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