About Sienna Silverware

Sienna was established in 2001. At start, it was only retail but by 2007 and with the high-quality work that was being produced, Sienna opened its factory based in Lebanon.

After Sienna opened it factory, it started receiving production requirements from outside Lebanon. Even though the factory is based in Lebanon, Sienna was able to expand and work for interior designers and wedding planners outside Lebanon like gulf countries, Europe and USA.

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Sienna Silverware Website Features

  • Stock Counter

    Provide customers with real-time information about the availability of a product. Some benefits of implementing a stock counter include: urgency, transparency, improved decision making, client satisfaction and sales and marketing.

  • Size Guide

    Adding specific size information is very useful to customers who are unsure about the size that they need to purchase. Providing accurate measurements will help the users find the perfect fit and reduce returns or exchanges.

  • Countdown Timer

    Create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase. Countdown is used in limited-time offers, limited-quantity products, flash sales, pre-order deadlines or event countdown

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