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George Chebib

Only an engineer and designer can create tailor made pieces to satisfy the taste of every client and convert the spaces into a reflection of the customer's vision and identity. For more than 20 years, George has been passionate in combining creativity, design and functionality which resulted in making George Chebib, the brand, a destination for those who take exceptional designs seriously.

George Chebib, as a brand, needed a one of a kind furniture store website design, and Lumina was the choice. Furniture website development, might seem similar to any other Ecommerce store, but in fact our team of experts has the precise experience to know how to undergo studies and foresee results. George chose Lumina to be the furniture website development company, that will take the brand online and therefore reach the world with the unique and exceptional designs.

A furniture website development requires hard work and a lot of follow up in order to keep track with all the changes and updates that happen online on daily basis. That's why, when choosing a furniture website development company, a business owner should take into consideration many features; like how committed is the team, what are the reviews of previous clients, the elements offered when designing the website and if they meet the requirements and many other aspects that will decide the destiny of the brand.

When Lumina was trusted with George Chebib furniture store website design, it went through several phases of studies before deciding how the final website design would look like. And due to our highly experienced team of experts we included the following features that have added value to the website: 3D models of the furniture, an option to move around the product and check every angle, augmented reality which enables customers to see how the product would look like in their space and a lot more in order to give the website visitors a satisfying and easy experience.

So if at any time, you think that your brand needs some fine tuning to boost its online existence or if you wish to launch it online for the first time, contact our team at Lumina for experts opinion.

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George Chebib Testimonial

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