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For Eyes Only

Founded in 2000, For Eyes Only had an exceptional vision for eyewear. Back when spectacles were becoming a fashion of yesterday, For Eyes Only brought back to life the identity that can be reflected through a pair of glasses that are perfectly designed to recall the fame of eyewear. For Eyes Only has ever since been different and unique in its designs and store vibe.

For Eyes Only turned to Lumina to develop fashion web design services for its Ecommerce store. Our team of experts have studied the brand and its products to be able to offer the best fashion website design that is suitable for the line of fashion provided by one of our top clients. Due to the relation of trust built between Lumina and its clients, we have been ranked as one of the top ranked companies that offer fashion website design services. And it is needless to say, that the dedication and commitment of our team of developers have been the main factor in placing the services we provide among the most successful in the field.

The wide experience and rich portfolio of clients and projects that Lumina has been supporting in flourishing along a short period of time have become a strong base to any upcoming fashion website design services requested by new or old businesses in any market. Therefore, the range of services that we offer is never limited but keeps on expanding as per our client's needs and requirements for a better online presence and of course increasing and satisfying results.

Fashion web design services can appear to be complicated if not customized correctly, but Lumina employs a devoted team to shape the best fashion website design that suits the brand's identity and targets. In the case of our special client For Eyes Only, we have provided a website that contains all the features of a successful store of its kind, from automatic currency change when needed, mega drop down menu, detailed information about each product, quick pop up and many other user friendly elements to give the customer an ultimate unforgettable experience.

So the next time you wish your online store looks more like For Eyes Only's website, contact our team knowing that Lumina provides customized plans as per the budget you have set for your brand.

Fashion Website Design Company