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Get to know the story behind Lumina, the team and the brand philosophy

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Who we are

Lumina is the best eCommerce websites development company that builds a flourishing digital future for your business.

  • • What we do

    We hook your potential audience by crafting engaging designs and content for your website.

  • • How we do it

    We assemble eCommerce and informative websites based on your brand's identity while offering customized solutions and strategies to grow your business.

  • • Our promise

    We ensure your customers a smooth and friendly experience because we are experts in understanding the needs of the market and in converting visits to potential customers

  • • What we offer

    Our field of expertise expands to additional services to level up your online business, they include digital marketing, search engine optimization SEO, social media marketing, Google Adwords, and all the aspects to an appealing online store.

Meet our Team

The brilliant minds behind Lumina

Lumina provides flawless services because our experienced team is driven towards big challenges.

  • Our team is customer-oriented and delivers exclusive services depending on your brand's requirements.
  • We believe that efficiency, commitment, and determination are the core characteristics of a successful collaboration.
  • Our team is spread around the world to be within our clients' reach at all times.
  • We serve our clients in a diversity of industries such as fashion, medical, real estate marketing, and construction to name a few.

Our Qualities

Aside from commitment and experience, our team's added value to Lumina are its qualities

We always aim for better results

Our team never rests or ceases to research and plan because we are always eager to achieve better results, for our clients and ourselves.

We communicate through continents

Our team is diverse and comes from different backgrounds and countries. We are spread around the word but communicate as if we are all sitting in the office next door.

Great leadership

The team is indeed the core of success, but what gives a sense of responsibility and commitment are the people behind the scenes putting together all the efforts to creating such a successful combination and encouraging work environment.

We multi-task

Our ability to multi-task is the reason behind our commitment to deadlines and organizing our tasks accordingly.

We are detail-oriented

This is the exact quality that any team should possess when working in this field. We are attentive to details and avoid malfunctions and keep our clients satisfied

Garen Mehranian


Pascale G.

Account Manager

Prabhat S.

UX/UI Designer

Ankita R.

Marketing Specialist

Gaurav R.

Senior Developer

Sibylle H.

Graphic Designer

Lory V.

Marketing Coordinator

Ashu R.

SEO Specialist

Life At Lumina

The team is dedicated to: delivering the best results and collaborating to our clients' continuous success

Our Developers:

Are focused on building strategies based on our clients' needs and conducted researches.

Our Google Ads Specialist:

Holds a strong background that allows him to initiate campaigns and foresees results like a pro.

Our Accounts Manager:

Client-oriented and always aiming to satisfying clients' requests as soon as received.

Graphic designer:

The person behind the image of Lumina, attentive to details and constantly delivering creativity


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