Cultivating Online Grocery Growth in the UAE with Limited Budget

Online Grocery Store - LUMINA Digital Marketing

Challenge: Amplifying brand awareness and driving conversions for a Lebanese and Levant online grocery store in the UAE, targeting Lebanese expats and expanding reach to other expat communities, all within a conservative monthly budget of AED 4,000.

Solution: LUMINA implemented a multi-layered digital marketing strategy:

    • Targeted Audience Segmentation: Primary focus on Lebanese expats, followed by a secondary layer of Arab expats, and a tertiary layer of diverse expats in the UAE, ensuring relevancy and maximizing budget efficiency.
    • Multi-Platform Approach: Leveraged both Facebook and Instagram ads, utilizing feed, stories, and all placements on Facebook for broad reach and engagement.
    • Creative Carousel Magic: Carousel ads showcased diverse product selections, catering to the specific tastes of Lebanese and Levant audiences, alongside image and video creatives for emotional connection and storytelling.
    • Retargeting for Nurturing Leads: Website visitors, social media engagers, and category page viewers were retargeted with personalized ads, keeping the brand on top of mind and nudging them towards conversion.


    • Impressions Generated: Over 1.9 million impressions, effectively building brand awareness among target audiences.
    • Link Clicks and Landing Page Views: 20,156 link clicks and 10,786 landing page views, indicating strong ad engagement and website exploration.
    • Add to Carts and Purchases: 15,786 add-to-carts and 2,836 purchases, demonstrating purchase intent and successful conversion funnel management.
    • Exceptional Purchase Value: AED 304,933 in purchase value, highlighting the high average order value and loyal customer base.
    • Excellent ROAS: A staggering ROAS of 7.51, proving the campaign's exceptional efficiency and ability to generate significant revenue despite a low budget.

Key Strategies:

    • Data-Driven Targeting: Continuous audience analysis and optimization ensured maximum reach and relevance for each budget segment.
    • Localized Creatives: Culturally-sensitive visuals and messaging resonated deeply with Lebanese expats, driving emotional connection and purchase motivation.
    • Seamless Retargeting: Nurtured website visitors and social media engagers, maximizing conversion possibilities from engaged leads.


This case study exemplifies the power of a well-structured, data-driven, and creatively targeted digital marketing campaign in exceeding expectations even with a limited budget. By harnessing audience segmentation, platform versatility, and retargeting strategies, LUMINA successfully boosted brand awareness, nurtured leads, and drove significant revenue for the online grocery store. This impactful growth within a competitive market paves the way for further expansion and solidifies our expertise in delivering exceptional results for businesses of all sizes.

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