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Starter Ecommerce Package

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AED 12,900.00
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Includes everything in Basic package and the following:

• Customizable website
• Automatic/Smart collections by tags
• SEO friendly website
• Currency convertor
• Payment gateway integration
• Advanced filter
• User accounts on website to sign up and sign in
• Announcement bar
• Modern + dynamic design with animation
• Related products on product page
• FAQ page
• Bread-crumbs
• Store locator with Google map API integration
• Discounts codes
• Blog page
• 20 SKUS added by LUMINA + guide and tutorial for client’s team to learn how to add all products

Back-end Features
  • Live sessions of users on website
  • Filtering data by date
  • Total sales
  • Total sessions
  • Returning customer rate
  • Average order value
  • Conversion rate %
  • Conversion funnel: Add to Cart, Checkouts and Purchases
  • Sessions by location
  • Total orders
  • Sessions by device type
  • Sessions by social source
  • Top referres by source
  • Top products by units sold
  • Sesions by traffic source
  • Top landing pages by session
Hosting & SSL

Monthly or yearly fees apply based on the Shopify package chosen. Contact us to learn more. SSL is included with Shopify's plans. Shopify's basic plan starts with $24/month if paid yearly.

    Starter Ecommerce Package
    30 DAYS HANDOVER fully optimized website
    EASY BACKEND USE tutorial on how to use backend after launch
    GLOBAL SALES any country or region in the world!


    • 30 Days Handover

      Website is launched and transferred to client 30 days from the time all content and creatives are provided.

    • Dedicated Account Manager

      A dedicated account manager will always be available with client communication at every step of the website development to ensure LUMINA meets the requirements.

    Features Included

    • Currency Conversion

      Display prices in different currencies, taken from static pricing tables or integrated with a foreign exchange platform. Helps you attract a wider audience across more regions.

    • Payment Gateway Integration

      A system for accepting and processing credit/debit payments, with transaction histories and payment status. Users add their card details, giving them control and making purchases simpler and faster.

    • Blogs

      A great way to share information about your products, industry news, and other topics related to your business. Blogs can help to build the brand, engage target audience, and drive traffic to the website.

    Mega Navigation

    Website navigation is an important aspect of web design because it affects the user experience. Recognizing website navigation can assist you in providing users with the information they require as quickly as possible by presenting an enjoyable, intuitive layout while increasing ease of use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is a simple but powerful resource.

    It proactively answers common customer questions, clears up any confusion that may stand in the way of an acquisition, and decreases the number of recurring tickets received by your customer service team, allowing them to concentrate on higher-impact conversations.

    Product Landing Page

    Includes the following:

    Size Guide

    Product Reviews


    Additional Custom Buttons

    Collapsible Content

    Policy Addition


    Credibility Creatives

    Collection Page

    Includes the following:

    Color swatches

    Price Filtering

    Size Filtering

    Reset filter function

    Variants under product cards

    Product Reviews

    Sale tags


    Been working with lumina for 2 years now. They developed my website and are also in charge of my digital marketing. The team is very professional, flexible, super fast and effective!

    Candy Yaghi

    “We hired Lumina to develop an online store for Sienna Silverware a few months back and the team has exceeded our expectations. Thank you Lumina for bringing our visions to life in the best way possible! A professional team with excellent communication skills!”

    Raffi M.

    iVet was so pleased working with Lumina due to the professionalism and perfection in their work.Our website branding was a huge success and it was all because of Lumina. We highly recommend it to all the companies because it will highlight the best in you and will help you and guide you how to show it to the world! Thank you Lumina for this experience, you're one of the best.

    Dikran N.

    LUMINA had a big impact on Mainland real estate's digital performance as a whole. We had expanded on many levels from local reach to regional reach in the real estate industry. Our website and social media accounts had indeed achieved it's ongoing goals and vision.I definitely recommend Lumina for companies in the real estate industry !

    Maxime K.

    Highly recommend Lumina for their amazing service. They finished the website within time frame agreed on, there was no on add on costs along the way and most importantly they delivered exactly what we asked for. We can’t thank you enough!

    R. M.

    The Lumina team has been incredible to work with. We hired Lumina to build our e-commerce online store which turned out to be a huge success. Due to Lumina’s utmost efforts in digital marketing and consulting, our sales at Gemy Maalouf have increased tremendously. Garen and his team did a great job, I would definitely recommend for all companies looking to enhance their brand awareness and build up their sales.

    C. B.

    When we decided to expand our business and move towards e-commerce, we had a big difficulty in choosing the right partner to develop our Marketplace, until we met LUMINA and partnered into developing a leading marketplace for our market. LUMINA provided us the best solution, with the best service and business development. They over passed our expectations in terms of support, and follow up for the best performance of our Platform and Brand. They are the best Digital Media Marketing and Developers company. I HIGHLY recommend them.

    N. B.

    Working with Lumina has been a pleasure. We hired Lumina to create a modern website for our tiling company. They are responsive and went the extra step to make sure that we were happy with the results. We are very happy with the results and would recommend them to other companies.

    Dani Noumeir

    Excellent work from such a professional team. Delivered more than expected with a dedicated account manager to support with all my requests. Definitely recommend!

    Fadi Kamal

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to start?

    Once the service is purchased from our website, we will receive an order confirmation and contact the client with an email requesting all the necessary documents and files to develop the website and complete it.

    What are the payment terms?

    This package has a 50% , 30% 20% payment term ratio.

    What about branding, content and creatives?

    Once we start the work, we request by email all branding colors, logos, fonts, images, category titles, 10 products, shipping fees, business details, policies, navigation titles etc...

    LUMINA requires all creatives and content to be provided by client as we are not responsible for any subjective matters other than website development.

    What is the difference between Ready to Go and the rest of the packages?

    Ready to Go is a design customized by LUMINA that includes all the basics to start and run an online store at preliminary level.

    The other packages have personalized designs and functionalities that are not included in this package.

    The quality of LUMINA's work is consistent with all the packages and we aim to provide you our best!

    Can the same website be upgraded to higher packages?

    Yes, at any point of time, we can develop on the same website and add functions, featuers and designs. These will have additional design charges or packages pricing. For more information contact us for a better understanding.

    Is there support after the website is launched?

    We offer monthly maintenance packages depending on the amount of hours required. The packages included an account manager and professional developer to amend any changes or updates requested by client.



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