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Digital Marketing Audit

What is digital marketing audit?

Digital marketing audit is assessing strategies, practices and ads used to build an online presence as well as analyzing competitors’ ads within the same field. When you want to perform a digital marketing audit on your company, you must take into consideration and decide on what your goals are for the company/brand, who is your target audience and how you would want that certain audience to respond to your ads. 

How does Lumina perform a digital marketing audit for your company?

Our team of experts provides digital marketing consultation services and creates tailored approaches to analyze digital ads created by competitors and enhance campaign strategies to suit our client’s brand.  After having performed an assessment and audit on the client’s strategies used, website performance and its competitors’ approaches, our team suggests solutions best suitable for the company and its requirements.

Lumina’s audit department offers auditing services for content marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), informational and e-commerce websites as well as competitors’ strategies and performances.

Performing a digital marketing audit ensures relevancy between your brand image and website. In other words, it assists in developing a website that is relevant to what your company offers in terms of products/services, which result in gaining new leads that may be converted into prospective clients. We use a variety of strategies in our digital marketing audit services in order to achieve our purposes and believe that team effort is key to successful outcomes.

If you are seeking digital marketing consultation services and considering an audit for your organization and have more inquiries on how Lumina can perform a tailored digital marketing audit for your brand, kindly contact our team now and book an online consultation. Our team will provide you with a detailed process on how we offer digital marketing audit services.

Why choose us?
Lumina is a digital marketing agency that offers various services within the marketing and advertising realm. We create e-commerce and informative websites from scratch based on the clients’ brand and what it has to offer. We provide brands with strategic ads based on modern creativity and technology in order to lure in new customers. Our main strategies are designed to deliver brand awareness and conversion results. We ensure our clients a smooth experience with developing a dynamic customer journey by targeting our clients’ digital personas. Whether your brand is a start-up or multi-national, Lumina is your online partner.

Digital Marketing Audit

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