Refund policy


At Lumina, we are confident in our wide range of Ecommerce and digital services. Lumina are known for its support and services and we do not leave any space for quality services. All the services and projects are handled through experienced and well-trained staff. Any mismatches between the client and Lumina could be resolved by the contract that is made prior for any work commencement in which Lumina clearly states all of its services to be expected by the client. Therefore, as a digital marketing and Ecommerce website development agency, Lumina does not have a refund policy.


If you are subscribed to Lumina LLC month digital marketing services, then the contract will come to an end when everything specified in the contract has been fulfilled. The contract can also end prematurely if there is any breach in contract and either party decide to cancel it. The contract can also end by a mutual consent from both parties or when it becomes difficult to carry out the obligations specified in the contract due to man-made calamities (war, riots, acts-of-terrorism, etc.) or natural disorders (like hurricane, earthquake, flood etc). The cancellation of the contract, arising however, shall not include the refund of any funds from Lumina LLC to the client for that specific month. As it Lumina services are made manually by the clients, the client is therefore responsible to for the full amount made at that month.

Cancellations can be made by contacting Upon cancellation, your all digital and advertising campaigns will be stopped instantly. Lumina LLC is not legally bound to serve everyone; it may choose to serve a client at its own discretion.