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A Guide to Ecommerce Website Design

Any research for professional eCommerce web design agency near me should include specific features for a successful online store. The key factors are high-quality photography, informative product description, collaboration with a shipping company to offer reasonable shipping costs, allow return policy, offer customer support, and of course a customized UX.

Here are the things to look for when choosing eCommerce website designers near me to include while setting a website development plan:

  • Design should reflect reliance and security
    Make your customers feel that their data is well preserved by including the following pages: about us, the team, contact details, frequently asked questions, clear privacy policy, and product review. It is also helpful to provide links to your social media accounts and avoid glitches.

  • UI Design
    Attract your customers by reflecting your brand's identity throughout your website and all your online platforms. The visual experience is important to customers so make sure to adapt visual hierarchy, use clear fonts and graphics, do not use unknown symbols, and stay away from popup windows.

How to provide a trouble-free navigation?

Your customers should be able to navigate through your website easily, so make sure to keep this as a top request when looking for website design companies near me. Your website should include: clear product categories, an option to search for a specific product with sorting and filtering choice, a button for a quick view, and offers/sale.

Creating a successful product page design
Website design services near me are specifically made to provide an unforgettable design. The main target of a website visitor is product checking and buying, that's why the product page design is key in attracting customers who will keep returning to the website.
A successful product page design should include:
-informative section about each product including specifications and clear picture
-a persuasive design
-related results

Shopping cart design
Hiring a professional eCommerce web design agency near me is beneficial, but most importantly it results in creating a successful design and focusing on the pages like the shopping cart design. This is where the customer chooses to move to checkout or abort, here are the features you need to include to make sure they won't leave before proceeding to payment:

An attractive checkout button, show a symbol on the shopping cart when a product is added and preferably to be done without obliging customers to navigate outside the page they are currently on, show product details for final review, allow easy editing, mention taxes and shipping fees for transparency.

Checkout design
Professional eCommerce website designers near me should know the importance of the checkout page design that will eventually increase or decrease the number of purchases.

Providing the below features on the checkout page is beneficial: a variety of payment options, do not oblige your shoppers to register but show the benefits of registering, show an error message as soon as the error occurs, keep people aware of the numbers of steps that they still have to do before confirming their order and once done, display the order status and tracking option, and always let your shoppers know that you agents are available for support.

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