Digital marketing course – LUMINA
Sell Online Like A PRO

Learn how to understand your target audience better 

and create specific forms of advertisements and

increase your website purchases.


Learn how to improve Facebook/Instagram advertising to increase your brand awareness and sales. This course will also save you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on wrong advertisements. Lumina’s compact digital marketing course includes technical and theoretical marketing content to push your advertising skills.


When you register you get access to the entire course that teaches you about Website Traffic, Digital Persona, Customer Journey, Increasing Sales, Website Conversions, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Marketing content, Understanding Engagement, Facebook Ad Types, Stages of advertisements, Sales Funnel Strategies, Data Analysis, Sales Content, tools and resources from the web.

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$25 Limited Offer
Lumina’s Digital Marketing Course Will:
  • Teach you how to understand your target audience for better advertising
  • Design digital personas and create content specifically to them with online tools
  • Learn the important of customer journey experience and process
  • Teach you about sales funnel and strategies
  • Learn about Facebook pixel and retargeting methods
Benefits of this course:
  • Learn from our experience of making revenue to our clients
  • Various tools to make amazing advertisements that attract prospects
  • Will save you from wasting a lot of advertisement budget
  • Understand various stages of Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Learn factors that increase credibility for conversions


Garen Mehranian
Online Marketing Specialist