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Vintage International

Vintage International is a boutique business based in the UAE that sells a variety of fine wines, premium spirits, and various beers. They also offer travel retail distribution in the MENA Region along with distribution sales and services across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

The company was founded in 2002, as a small family-owned business, and it didn’t have a functioning professional website. They weren’t aware of the steps needed in launching their website and found difficulty in such a task.

That is until they came to LUMINA, explaining to us the pain points that they felt. Together, we were able to create an informational website that was able to portray the company in a better light. Their business goal is to always provide an excellent service, and so we decided to provide them with an excellent website. After several meetings, we understood the client’s needs and requirements in terms of website navigation, website design, layout, the responsiveness of the website, content, story-telling, etc., we were then able to turn that into reality by giving them their very own customized website based on their wants, needs, and desires.