Experience LUMINA's Augmented Reality on Ecommerce with the below case.

Experience Our Augmented Reality Feature

Bring Your Space to Life with a Click!

Step 1: Start by exploring our AR products. Once you find something you like, just tap on the image first and then “View in Your Space” button will show, tap on it. Make sure you are looking from your mobile phone. The desktop/laptop version will only show the 3D version.

Step 2: Wait for a moment as the magic unfolds. The product will load right into the room or space you're in. It’s like bringing the showroom into your home!

Step 3: Now, move your camera around an empty space. Keep it steady! Soon, you'll see the product appear as if it's right there with you.

Step 4: Want to see how it fits? You can easily drag the product around your space. And that’s not all – pinch to zoom in or out to adjust the size. Make it bigger or smaller; it's all in your control.

Step 5: Take a step back and admire how the piece complements your space. It’s a perfect way to make sure everything fits just right before you make a decision.

Enjoy a Seamless Shopping Experience – Try our AR feature today and transform the way you shop for furniture!