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Wherever you are in the world, Lumina is your online partner. We know that appearing on the first search page is challenging. Still, Lumina employs a team who understands the importance of SEO, enabling us to offer the best SEO services in Saudi Arabia. Our strategies include the essential features that will guide the way towards better results and unprecedented ranking of your website.

 Our strategies are a combination of studies and research collected depending on the market and industry of our client. We base our plans on several factors and the knowledge that we have gained throughout our successful experience. As a Saudi SEO Company, we offer the best SEO services in Saudi Arabia because we know, understand and abide by society's needs and expectations.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization includes the detailed information that is placed online to describe your business and brand. It is supposed to be provided in the form of transparent and understandable content to drive traffic to your website. The rules that you have to follow to rank better on search pages should be followed to miss the chance of being thrown out of the competition. Choose relevant content with accurate description that drives more attention to the identity of your brand, which will create brand awareness, attract users and turn them into potential customers.

 Essential Features for SEO

-Include the right amount of keywords
A Saudi SEO company will research and provide highly targeted keywords that are highly searched for on search engines, which will help you appear and rank better on the first result page. This process will drive traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate.

-On-page SEO
On-page SEO can be done in several ways like blogs, products pages, category pages...etc Search engines will examine all your pages for keywords so make sure to include this feature in your website to be displayed properly on search pages. 

-Look for an attractive web design
By developing an Ecommerce website, you need to take into consideration how the users will perceive it. You have to offer them an easy experience and an unforgettable journey. This can be done by providing easy navigation, fast-loading pages, and a mobile-friendly website. This feature will decrease the bounce rate and enhance the ranking on search engines. 

-Content marketing
Think of it as advertising your business through adding content to your website. Blogs can do the job and make sure to add the relevant keywords there to make the best out of it. This will increase brand awareness and at no cost at all.

Final Words
SEO is a continuous process that needs updates weekly to stay at the top of the results. So it is a necessity to employ a team to keep track of all the new features to be added to the strategies.