We are specialized in developing strategic plans to revitalize your business, enabling you to fiercely compete with other brands that have been at the top of the market for a long time.

If you are looking for top-rated digital marketing companies to grow and flourish your online business, search no more. Lumina provides tailor-made digital marketing services to fit ther equirements of your brand and help you reach your targeted audience.


Lumina is a top-rated digital marketing company that is working globally to get rankings of start-ups as well as well-flourished advertising agencies. If you are on the hunt for a digital marketing company with all the necessities, Lumina is your choice.


  • Brand Awareness

  • Website Traffic

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Higher Conversion Rate

  • Higher Ranking

Brand awareness will generate qualified leads to turn customers who show interest in your brand to actual clients.

Relevant website traffic that will result in leading the way to potential audience towards your brand.

Increased customer acquisitions by guiding new clients through brand awareness to purchasing.

Higher conversion rate as a result of reaching potential customers and attracting them to your website.

Better ranking on search engine results page (SERP) to enhance the website reach.

Our Marketing Workflow

The foundation of all our digital marketing strategies are based on studying audience behavior and interests that would are most relevant to our clients' brands and products


Creating awareness around your brand will increase product recognition and identification that will result in an enlarged targeted audience reach.


Spreading awareness will stimulate the users to engage with the brand by interacting and communicating, which will extend the reach and by default the sales rate.


A team that will set the ground for a rigid marketing strategy with support along the way is a necessity, especially with previous success stories.


Lumina paves the way for brands to shine, we listen, understand and exceed expectations. That's why choosing us is the right decision. Welcome on board.


So now we allow ourselves to advise on the tools and resources that in our opinion can enhance your online presence.



Tips for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the course of advertising for businesses on online platforms to improve the sales rate. It is sometimes parallel to regular marketing but with lower cost and effective goals reach.

Digital Marketing Services

The features of digital marketing may vary depending on the needs of the brand, but the most effective plans should include: Social media marketing, search engine optimization SEO, email marketing, search engine marketing SEM, mobile marketing, paid ads, and pay-per-click ads.

Effective Digital Marketing

Customizing an effective digital marketing plan is based on several factors like knowing your brand and setting its goals, understanding the market and the potential audience, and employing a top-rated digital marketing company.

Digital Marketing cost

The cost of digital marketing depends on the budget that you would like to spend and the features that you would like to include in the strategy. Usually the cost comprises of Lumina's monthly management fee and the budget to be spent on the digital marketing platforms.

Tips for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about adaptation and commitment; adjusting to the changes that occurred in the world over the past year and that affected the online businesses. Reviewing the strategies is a key feature to stay on the right track.

Increased Revenue & Return

Digital marketing generates increased sales if done properly, through understanding and targeting the right audience with informative and relevant content at the correct time.

Working with us

Quick Communication

All direct communication between our clients and us is answered in 24 hours.

Clients in all continents

We serve our clients in the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, UAE and many other locations.

Customer Satisfaction

100% completion of scope of work per clients' requirements.