E-commerce Triumph in Angola - A Data-Driven Case Study

E-commerce Triumph in Angola - A Data-Driven Case Study

Challenge: Launching a diverse Ecommerce platform in Angola, a market with low online shopping penetration and high consumer skepticism.

Solution: LUMINA implemented a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram:

    • Broad Audience Targeting: Carousel ads showcased the vast product range, captivating audiences with lifestyle-focused visuals and local cultural references.
    • Niche Interest Targeting: Beyond obvious product categories, laser-focused campaigns targeted specific interests like music lovers and DIY enthusiasts, driving higher relevance and engagement.
    • Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences: Website visitors, social media engagers, and visitors of specific category pages were retargeted with personalized ads, enhancing conversion intent.


    • Increased Brand Awareness: 1.98 million impressions reached, with an average frequency of 8.83, effectively building brand recognition.
    • Improved Click-Through Rates: 2.84% CTR, indicating strong creative resonance and audience targeting accuracy.
    • Targeted Lead Generation: 4467 add-to-carts, showcasing product interest and purchase consideration.
    • Boosted Conversions: 1338 purchases from September to December 2023, translating to a significant revenue increase.
    • Exceptional ROI: 41.61 ROAS, demonstrating superior campaign efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Key Strategies:

    • Landing Page Optimization: Secure payment options and local customer testimonials fostered trust and purchase confidence.
    • Data-Driven Targeting: Continuous analysis and optimization of audience targeting ensured maximum reach and relevance.
    • Creative Ad Formats: Carousel ads effectively showcased diverse product offerings, while image creatives engaged with emotional storytelling.


This case study demonstrates the power of a data-driven and culturally sensitive digital marketing approach in overcoming market challenges and achieving exceptional results. The brand's ecommerce success story paves the way for further growth and serves as a compelling example of how our agency can help brands flourish in diverse geographical and cultural landscapes.

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